Gus Cabagna product developer

During the last 15 years of his career as a physiotherapist, fitness trainer and entrepreneur Gus Cabagna, along with a team of healthcare and fitness professionals, engineers, and designers have developed KINEXOR, a unique and innovative way for patients and fitness entusiasts to achieve their best physical condition.

Whether you are recovering from and injury, training for a competition or choose fitness as your lifestyle, it is very important to maximize results.

Especially in exercising, we understand that to accomplish this, we need to remove all possible obstacles such as costly equipment, lack of space where to place them, too heavy to transport, etc.

Also there is a need to answer some of the most commonly heard excuses, such as… I don’t have the time, the equipment is too expensive, too complicated to use, I don’t like going to the gym, or the weather is bad to workout outdoors, etc.

With KINEXOR, we are certain to have provided a practical solution for all.