Kinexor Pull Fitness

KINEXOR is a variable resistance training machine that belongs to the group of small fitness equipment, design for super slow motion strengthening exercises for the entire body.

Use it anywhere you like…home, outdoors, gym, park, boat, travelling, etc, follow the simple instructions in the users manual or watch video tutorials online, perform an effective 20 minutes exercise routine every other day…and enjoy seen results become a reality.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More!

  • Made of high quality materials with a functional design.
  • Light weight, weighting 1.8 kilograms including all accessories.
  • Portable and compact, at 33cm wide, 30cm long and 7cm thick, fits in most bags and is easy to store.
  • Maintenance-free mechanisms and accessories. Patented technology.
  • Effective and complete body and cardiovascular workout.
  • Tension adjusting knob allows to select the desired level of resistance.
  • Exchangeable discs permits frequent modifications of workout configurations to avoid plateaus in strength training.
  • Variable resistance function provides constant feedback to muscles involved to help maintain focus in proper body mechanics as well as timing for faster results.
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Get your Kinexor today at this special price! Available December 2017

Get your Kinexor today at this special price! Available December 2017

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